Today we’ve got ten tweets by ladies, for ladies.

If you’re not a lady, but instead some other type of person, it is illegal for you to look at these tweets. And don’t get us started on laughing at them. Ooooh, you’re going away for a long time if you chuckle out of turn here.

So watch your step. Know your bounds. And proceed in accordance with the law.

Or maybe I’ve got that all wrong, I don’t know, I’m not a lawyer.

10. Pocket protectors

It’s like if you tried to teach AI to design them.

9. Hot times

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts

8. A sporting chance

Well hey there, let’s strike up a chat.

7. “Normal”

I feel like our bodies should pretty much have had a factory recall at this point.

6. Pillow talk

That’s absolutely absurd.
You need to put your mask on.

5. What a nightmare

How are criminal mugshots literally more flattering than these?

4. The girls

How to liberate even within limits.

3. The waiting game

Oh, is somebody feeling just a tiny bit insecure?

2. Sole mates

Dude must have one heck of a foot fetish to know some toes but not a face.

1. A good hang

Just the right flavor of solitude to get me through the night.

Well that was fun! Except I just realized, I’m not a lady. Was it illegal for me to read those? I’ll turn myself in now.

Who’s your favorite funny woman to follow on Twitter?

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