We all want to believe in real, lasting love, I think. Some of us want to believe in something more than that – true love, or maybe even love at first sight. That hope that it exists is the thing that keeps us back out there and trying to find it, no matter how many disappointing experiences we have in the process.

These 11 people are relaying some of their best – and worst – blind date moments, so strap in. Your romantic inclinations are in for a wild ride.

11. One and done.

Must have been a pretty bad experience.

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10. Maybe they thought he wouldn’t notice.

This one makes me laugh. She’s not letting that baby hold her back!

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9. Welp, this isn’t going well.

Go ahead and pay the check and head home.

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8. That’s an awkward moment.

But at least they probably had a good conversation.

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7. Hey, if that’s what’s on your mind.

Grief doesn’t care whether or not you’re on a date.

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6. Put your true self out there.

You never know what you might get back in return.

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5. You never know who is waiting in the wings.

Sometimes it’s better than the person starring in the show.

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4. Yeah, this isn’t going to work out.

Sounds as if they were in two totally different places in life.

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3. Sounds like the beginning of a romcom.

Probably not such a great jumping off point in real life, though.

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2. Who says that to another person?

Never mind a person they’re taking on a date.

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1. What on earth is wrong with people?

I can see why this guy had resorted to a blind date.

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Yeah, I have to say that no matter how hard marriage can be, I’m not sorry to not be dating anymore.

What’s your favorite first or blind date story to tell? Share it with us in the comments!