Let’s give it up for all those folks in the halls of higher learning. Because they can tweet up a storm, and make us laugh out loud.

Seriously, you’d think these kids weren’t in college, but they happen to have comedic skills WELL beyond their years.

Here are 11 times college students made us guffaw in public.

Or in private.

Either works.

1. Oh. My. F**king. God!

What kind of hateful mongrel did this?

2. Oh snap!

We got you there, professor!

3. The answer is DUH!

They like to have fun just like the rest of us. Duh!



This is what’s happening!

5. Hahaha… truth!

What is with academics?!?

6. I love this ingenuity!

I love her and want to meet her someday.


7. Pretty good. And you? Oh…

I mean, I’m sure they’ll think it’s funny… maybe?

8. Laid back…

Matt has to Matt the way Matts Matt.

9. Let’s GO!

I need you for ONE more hour, kids!


10. I won’t touch this joke with a ten foot pole…

Oh boy… I’m NOT laughing. Maybe a little.

11. I want to meet Kent!

Kent sounds like a super chill chinchilla.

See what I did there?

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It’ll work out next time. We promise!

Alright, which one of these tweets had you laughing the most? Which one had you laughing the least? Which one is not really a tweet, but a breakfast cereal?

Let us know in the comments, fam! Thanks!