Sometimes people think everything celebrities say is hilarious or poignant or important, even when it’s not…but we promise these 14 tweets aren’t like that at all.

You genuinely need these in your life, so please…enjoy.

14. A lot can change in 6 years, Joe Jonas.

13. It’s one way to help people out, anyway.

12. I feel this deep in my soul.

11. Shut your mouth it’s not the last one ever.

10. There honestly are no words.

9. Baking for Halloween is totally extra, but I’d still stop at Halsey’s house for a treat.

8. And Taylor Swift got all up in her feelings.

7. I love how Reese embraces it all.

6. We all “still might,” my friend.

5. She’s just saying what we’re all thinking, here.

4. Missy Elliot doesn’t even need words to make the list.

3. Ellen Pompeo bringing the truth that aging is actually awesome.

2. This picture of Shay Mitchell’s went straight to the heart of mamas everywhere.

1. Here’s hoping these feelings spilled over to everyone else.

I feel lighter for having scrolled through these again, to be honest.

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