It’s finally here! The first season of the Star Wars series, Obi-Wan Kenobi has hit Disney+ and I couldn’t be happier.

Growing up, Star Wars was a BIG part of my childhood, and even though the prequels and the sequels didn’t live up to the OG films, I pretty much love all Star Wars content because, yanno… Star Wars!

That’s why I had to dig into Tumblr and find the coolest, GIFtastic posts I could find so you could enjoy the series that much more.

Also, spoilers in here… but nothing too bad because the entire series isn’t out yet. Just the first few episodes. Still, if you don’t want to know… turn away now.

Okay, let’s blast off!

1. Meet Little Leia! She’s the cutest!

I mean, look at that little face!!!

2. And she pulls on some heart strings.

The kid knows she’s an orphan. When will somebody tell her the truth!?

3. And Obi-Wan teaches her about the force.

Because, yanno, Leia’s got force powers too. Or will eventually.

4. And yes, Anakin is in this series. A lot.

Very foreboding.

5. And you know what that means…

It’s Darth Vader time!

6. And yes, things are gonna get DARK.

Very, very, very dark.

7. And whenever you’ve got Darth Vader, you’ve got…

Lightsaber fights!

8. And can we put some props on Ewan McGregor’s name?

He makes it all worth watching.×03-part

9. Leia and Anakin… together for now!

This kid is so cute! She’s also cute too.

10. Tumblr has the best GIFs, y’all.

Look at these! So cool!

11. I love these Darth Vader sequences

That last shot though!

12. Spoiler alert!

Obi-Wan gets kind of messed up in Episode 3 of the season.

13. And this is a GREAT call back joke. Also… spoilers…

Well done Tumblr. Well done.

14. You seriously need to watch this show.

Because it’s gonna blow your mind!

15. And these moments between Leia and Obi-Wan is what this series is all about.

So heartbreaking to watch. Ewan McGregor is a fantastic actor.

16. And this moment… when the droids meet?

It made me so happy! Squeeeee!!!

17. And let’s cap this off with some adorbs fan art!

I have all the happys now!

Okay, my fandom driven heart is now chock full of Star Wars goodness. So I’ll pose you all a question.

What’s your favorite Star Wars character? And why do you love them?

Let us know in the comments, fam!