It’s time to rev it up and go go!

And we’re gonna do it with some funny and wholesome Tumblr posts that will rev you up in a jiffy!

Are y’all ready to do this?!?!

On your marks…get set…GO!


1. You got this!

No problem at all.

2. Ready to be shocked?

Do you feel old now?

3. Here, you take over for a while.

I’ll be back in a few hours…

4. Did you know about this?

Well, now you do!

5. This will put you in a better mood.

It worked like a charm!

6. I want to eat here!

Looks like a blast.

7. Join us!

Welcome to your new home.

8. Are you like this, too?

I have a feeling you are…

9. Forget about the grind.

This looks good to me!

10. Sure, Grandma…

Whatever you say…

11. Didn’t see that coming.

They grow up so fast!

12. Is that cute, or what?

Let’s all say “awwwwwww” together.

13. Those were the days…

Did you learn your lesson?

14. Impossible to figure out.

It’s infuriating!

15. Good luck with that!

This could get ugly…

16. Yeah, pretty much.

Writers can be weirdos…

17. Here we go again…

It’s like comfort food but it’s a TV show.

18. Oh, really?

I don’t think so!

Have you seen any Tumblr posts lately that you really loved?

If so, share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!