To quote the great hip-hop group House of Pain, these Tumblr posts you’re about to see are “the cream of the crop” and they “rise to the top.”

In other words, what you’re about to see will be funny, wholesome, and will once again remind you why Tumblr is so wonderful.

So let’s quit the chit-chat and get to the good stuff, okay?!?!

Enjoy, friends!

1. Could work, right?

A lot of long drives in that new state…

2. You can relate to this, right?

Lots of moss fans out there.

3. I wonder what grade they got…

Doesn’t sound too good.

4. Times have changed…

Let’s all apologize to our parents right this instant.

5. That’s a zinger!

How punny is that?!?!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

6. This is wonderful.

And I think the cat had fun, too!

7. Big stretch!

Not much difference, huh?

8. I really do look amazing.

I mean, just look at me!

9. This is so accurate.

It never fails!

10. Not many cats like baths!

But this one sure does!

11. Looks like a dream job!

Sign me up!

12. Feels kinda pointless, you know?

What else can you do?

13. Can’t unsee that one…

Try to get it out of your head.

14. You’ve become full grandma.

What is going on here?!?!

15. This dog has figured out life.

Get him a job!

16. Life imitating art.

I love it when a plan comes together.

17. They’re having a blast.

Wait, what is that one guy doing?

18. The coolest trash cans in the universe.

Now I want to paint mine!

19. Oh, boy…

Be warned: you might have nightmares.

20. Is it working?

Let’s hope so…

Now it’s your turn.

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