I know that cats are the ruling pet on the internet, but I do think a case can be made for dogs, as well. Sure, cats are haughty and funny and for some reason we love that they barely tolerate us, but dogs?

They are good through and through, and some days you just need a reminder that sweet loyalty still exists in this world.

If you’re a dog lover, there’s no way you can’t love these 26 adorable and funny posts.

26. Why sleep in a bed when you have a dog?

Everyone knows they’re the very best snugglers.


25. They’re going to be best friends for life.

This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen.


24. The dog, yes, but also the caption.

What a very good boi.


23. You’ll get no argument from me!

All dogs are the coolest. We cannot choose.

22. My heart cannot take it.

They deserve the same courtesy as our kids, for sure.

21. I’m sure they thought no one was looking.

They’re secret friends. Those are the cat’s rules.

20. Whose day wouldn’t be brightened by Max?

I wish that this was my job, to be honest.

19. They both look so proud of each other!

It’s like they were just waiting to have their picture taken together.


18. The best is all anyone can give, y’all.

There is no way I could judge this dog.

17. She doesn’t even need the balloon let’s be honest.

I am feeling 100% happier already.

16. This dog is baller.

You don’t mess with that dog. He’s too smart for his own good.


15. His eyes! He looks like if a Disney princess was a dog!

Where can I get one immediately?

14. Hold still, yummy noodle stick.

Look how carefully he’s doing it omg.


13. Videos like this is why TikTok is a thing.

I maintain that animal videos are the reason for all of the internet.

12. Man would I love to watch a game with this dog.

I would watch anything with this dog to be honest.


11. Of course it wasn’t that good boy!

He would never.


10. That’s better than the school photos for most kids I know.

Of course he behaved, that’s his job!

9. Whoever made this is responsible for hundreds of smiles.

I think more than a hundred, probably.

8. So men really are all the same.

They’re not all as cute as the daddy dog, though.

7. This is just the saddest and sweetest thing.

Proof that good people exist everywhere.

6. I’m sure I don’t need to say this but I agree with your wife.

How dare you take that away from him?

5. How can that not make you happy?

That is the smollest cutest boi y’all.


4. If I would have seen that I wouldn’t have been able to drive, anyway.

You have to take a minute sometimes.

3. Enter that pup in a Best Smile contest STAT!

He would win every time. It wouldn’t even be fair!

2. There is not a better use for a panoramic camera.

I will stand by that statement for eternity.

1. Just pretend every day for the rest of your life because who could say no to that?

You have to do it. Just like with toddlers.


I will never not have a dog. I need someone to be happy to see me at the end of the day, for real.

What’s your favorite story about your dog? Please share it with us in the comments!