There are an endless supply of funny tweets, plenty of pithy and clever ones, the ones that really make you think…and then there are the tweets that are opposite of that.

You know, the really really dumb ones that make you sit there and think about the trajectory of humanity while you weep into your spiked coffee.

These 30 posts definitely fall into that latter category, because y’all. I’m not sure I’ve read so many stupid thoughts in one place.

30. You might exist but you’re not a vegan.

That’s not how this works.

29. I’m not the best at math, but, uh…

I’m pretty sure that’s not right.

Image Credit: Twitter

28. I understand why your family in Sweden thinks Americans are dumb.

It has a lot to do with their firsthand experience.

27. “Be smart for once” wow.

Bless his heart.

Be smart for once
byu/MitcheMarsh infacepalm

26. Sure, that’s what it sounds like.

Italian is so easy!

25. I literally can’t.

Just…they don’t know ice starts as water?

Image Credit: Twitter

24. Think about it for just a minute, hon.

Or you know, however long it takes.

23. Nice try, bud.

No one is going to buy that one.

Image Credit: Twitter

22. Something is definitely going on there.

It might not be because of the head injury though.

21. This was so dumb I had to think about it for like, a minute.

Just to figure out what they were TRYING to say. Maybe?

20. I’m not sure where to start with this.

Just…it’s making my head hurt.

19. It’s like they were trying for a deep thought, but….

He failed fairly spectacularly.

18. This can’t be real, can it?

I’m afraid to know the answer to that question.

17. That reply though.

There’s nothing I could say that would be better.

16. I hope no one in the admission’s office sees that.

A whole lot of yikes right there.

15. Have you heard of a globe?

Someone get her one, it’s gonna blow her mind.

14. See also: passports.

The government has whatever they want can we move on?

13. Wowwww that actually worked?

At least someone was nice enough to tell them the truth.

12. Some people are just really literal, okay?

Also yeah this poster should have been reversed.

11. Someone has never attended a birth.

That’s something you’ll never forget, believe me.

10. This strikes me as funnier every time I see it.

Also dumber, because wow. So many levels.

9. Nope, nope, wrong again.

Nothing is right about any of this. Nothing.

8. DiCaprio can paint, too?

Honestly I wouldn’t put it past him have you seen Titanic?

7. No, he did not.

What does “physically responsible” mean?

6. When you think you have an original idea…

But you really, really don’t.

5. I mean sometimes you have a brain fart.

This is kind of funny.

4. It honestly took me like 3 tries to figure out what he was talking about.

Alphabet soup!

3. “Salmon vanilla” sounds way worse than what you actually might get.

I don’t know one single person who ever got sick eating homemade cookie dough fight me.

2. I hate when my fruit talks behind my back.

Put those rude b*tches in the freezer – they’re delicious and it’ll freeze their brains.

1.  Nice try?

You can’t always “get” someone, you know?

Y’all, I don’t even know how some people get through their days, I swear.

What’s the dumbest thing anyone has said in your presence. Please share; I’m dying to hear it!