Whether the relationship you’re in is very old, brand new, or not even fully formed yet, there’s gonna be struggles.

Some big, some important, some silly, some mysterious. It’s all part of the overall human experience of bonding with another person, and at the end of the day, most of us wouldn’t trade it for the world.

With that in mind let’s have a look at these relationship memes and simply have a laugh about ’em!

36. What the duck

You mess with the quacko, you get the smacko.

35. Supa hot fire

That compliment was SO genuine (HOW GENUINE WAS IT?)…

34. A royal pain

Might as well wear a shirt that says “this will be over in a month.”

33. Taking stock

Well, now that I’ve outed myself, let’s talk about your insta stories…

32. Mother of dragons

I can only assume “Luke” is some kind of fire demon from the pits of H**l itself.

31. Hold it in

Everybody gets one.

30. Dish it out

Ironically the roast was that her roasts were weak.

29. All elbows

I feel like the sun itself is embarrassed to be in this picture.

28. Unconditional

How are both of these children 34 years old?

27. Doggy style

His bite is worse than his bark.

26. No bones about it

Are you taking a poop or a phone poop? The difference could be years.

25. So…weak…

Alright, we’re just never eating again.

24. Ignition sequence

Jesus is watching you. And he approves.

23. Gotta get down on fry day

How did you know that my love language is potatoes?

22. An-kissy-pation

We’ve had first kisses, yes, but what about second kisses?

21. Back to back

Does that pink chair have bunny ears? This is some next level stuff.

20. Shocked and shook

Ok, guess I’d better try not to blow this.

19. Put a ring on it

This is how I look at stuffed crust pizza.

18. Go go go

Don’t catch me sleepin’ on this.

17. The waiting game

I’m all about the sentiment but count me out of the group selfie tooth brushing sessions.

16. Time flies

Being able to be yourself is one of the greatest blessings of a healthy relationship.

15. Rise and whine

Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?

14. Pure admiration

I don’t know the actual context of this photo and I don’t want to.

13. Window shopping

Sometimes ya just gotta put in a little cheer.

12. All of the sudden

It’s like waking up when you didn’t realize you were sleeping.

11. Code names

First of all, I’m baby, so write that down.

10. So many positions

No matter the arrangement, I will always come around.

9. Let it flow

“I’m sorry, I simply have to do this.”

8. He chomp

Look at both of those faces. They know exactly what they’re doing.

7. That smile

I’d like to think this kid is always watching over me, somehow.

6. Fortune teller

Nobody needs to write it down for me.

5. Sweet dreams

This is truly a powerful blanket statement.

4. Melt into me

These bears might just care a little TOO much.

3. Wish on a fish

I swear I won’t just hop from place to place.

2. Unconscious love

I don’t know what this human instinct is but it’s pretty wonderful.

1. Too good to be true?

Don’t let the bad vibes take over, now.

Maybe it’s a hot mess, but when you find your special hotty, all that heat is worth the while.

What’s your biggest piece of relationship advice?

Share your wisdom in the comments.