I’m just some dude – not much of an interior decorator. It’s simply not a skill set I’ve got, plus I’ve never had much of a budget to work with. But when things in that realm get bad enough, even I can tell.

Instagram user Dina Holland runs an account called “pleasehatethesethings” under the handle @honeyandfitz. Over a quarter million people follow to see her hundreds of posts on “absurd, ugly & just plain stupid things in home design.” It’s truly a masterpiece you can get lost in for hours, but here are 15 of my favorite examples.

15. Monkey business

I feel like an Indiana Jones villain is going to pop out and kill me if I get in this tub.


14. Taxi-derpy

Ah yes, no kitchen is complete without an undead Bobcat watching over my mac & cheese.


13. Take the red pill

I just found out my eyes can scream, so that’s fun.


12. The double deuce

There is such a thing as too much intimacy.


11. Too bad, toe bed

Are those like, decoy feet for the monsters?


10. Going down

No thanks, I’ll just hold it for the rest of my life.


9. Mild tub

For the couples that want very little to do with each other.


8. Black & yellow, black & yellow

There’s gold in them thar everything.


7. Throwing shade

Yanno, my office could use a dash of sexual nightmare, come to think of it.


6. Just need to vent

I’m not even mad about this one, I find it weirdly adorable.


5. Wipe ’em out

There are at least three things wrong with this picture.


4. Loud and proud

I mean look, you do you, but…no thank you.


3. Notch in the bedpost

This is 100% in a cult compound somewhere.


2. A sinking feeling

It’s good to have a creative outlet.



The second most intimidating meaning of “sleeping with the fishes.”


I still don’t feel like I know a lot more about what to do with interior design, but maybe I know a little bit more about what not to do? That’s gotta be worth something, right?

What’s the worst design choice you’ve ever seen?

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