There is so much content on Twitter, and actually, there’s so much GOOD and funny content on Twitter, that it can be hard to keep up with it all.

In general, that’s fine – you follow the people you want to hear from and keep up with them, and everyone is happy!

There’s always a chance that you’re missing some truly biting, witty, hilarious commentary, though, and that’s where we come in – with 15 tweets like these!

15. This is amazing as long as you know your audience.

14. I might need more than a minute.

13. You could write an entire novel based on this mini-scene.

12. They make the gum world go ’round.

11. This meme is just so versatile.

10. Yeah, I’d watch this.

9. IDK it actually just looks like you were trying the correct pronunciation?

8. These titles really should be taken more seriously.

7. The best of both worlds?

6. This made me choke on my coffee.

5. This is so pure and adorable.

4. It’s important to keep people guessing.

3. Just ask my gasping laptop.

2. Just say the safe word!

1. At least a thousand words.

I’m going to follow some of these accounts now, for sure!

How do you find new accounts to follow on Twitter? Share your process with us in the comments!