Today we’re going to discuss the single most controversial topic of our age: IS A HOT DOG A SANDWICH?

Wait. No. That’s another article.

I guess today we’re discussing the SECOND most controversial topic: what the h**l is going on with the “talking” phase of a relationship?

When I was a kid, it wasn’t even a word we used in regard to dating. Granted, I was a kid at the time, so I guess I wasn’t dating. What I mean to say is – this particular designation seems fairly recent, and you get the impression that hardly anyone can agree on how to even define it, much less how we should feel about it.

So, what’s the deal with talking? Here are 20 anonymously submitted opinions on just that.

20. 50 shades of grey

Some folks just wanna know right away.

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19. The wallflowers

Please @ me next time.

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18. Talk the talk

Sounds like a good match. 🙂

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17. Comment and commit

Realistic or just defeatist?

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16. What’s the issue?

There’s something oddly sad about the term “decent personality.”

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15. Only have eyes for you

Attitudes like this confuse me – isn’t the lack of exclusive commitment the whole reason it’s called “talking?”

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14. Looking ahead

Why do we do this to ourselves?

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13. What’s the point?

I…don’t know how to argue with this.

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12. A site to behold

“Now get off the site! Hahha ;)”

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11. I get high

With a little help from my might-be-more-than-friends.

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10. Cling sting

How much of myself do I put into this?

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9. What a waste

To be fair, this can be true of ANY stage of a relationship.

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8. Dropped call

Ouch, that’s gotta hurt a lot.

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7. Bugs in the belly

Sometimes it’s the little things that are magic.

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6. Big talk / small talk

Once you know someone, is there more to stick around for?

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5. Make an exit

The fear is real.

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4. One and only

It’s literally impossible to keep up with the rules.

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3. The long game

If you’ve been hurt, this phase can take forever.

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2. Getting used

Some would argue that once s** enters the picture, you really can’t call it “talking” anymore.

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1. Freedom isn’t free

I suppose I get the point though it feels a little odd to hear.

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Personally, I don’t feel like I’m any closer now to having a clear opinion on this whole “talking” thing, but these posts have given me a lot to think about.

How do you feel about it?

Tell us in the comments.