I was showing these memes to my girlfriend earlier today and I wasn’t sure whether most of them would make her laugh or not.

I was surprised to learn that her reaction was total silence. And I mean TOTAL silence, because it was at that moment that I remembered I don’t have a girlfriend right now and I’d been talking to my cat all day.

So, whatever, my bad, we all make mistakes. Maybe you or someone in your life will appreciate these more.

10. Embrace it

That’s what credit cards are for, right?

9. Spray it forward

I wonder what she might have been wearing that day.

8. Make it up

Don’t mind me, I’m just browsing.

7. Hard and soft

I have a lot of extremely mixed feelings about what I’m seeing here.

6. Get some sleep

But also like…clean hair though.

5. Expectations and reality

Looks pretty comfy, I’m in.

4. The ancient scrolls

Welcome to the party, pal.

3. The bare truth

We all look a little different underneath it all.

2. Absolutely no chill

Who’s tryin’ to look good? We need to SURVIVE.

1. Pain and panic

Well, I’m out of commission for a while, see ya’ll later.

Those are some good memes. If only my cat could show them the appreciation they truly deserve.

Which one did you find the most relatable?

Tell us in the comments.