Thrift stores are awesome for people who can’t afford to buy things new, and they’re also amazing for people browsing for something a bit off the beaten path. You can usually dig up something historic, something kitschy, something downright delightfully absurd – whatever you’re looking for, a thrift store somewhere is harboring it on its shelves.

And these 15 people? They definitely found theirs.

15. Who among us could pass this up?

14. That’s a little piece of history right there.

13. What DID that cat see outside the window?

12. You see a chair for kids, I see a chair for cats.

11. If you need training wheels…

10. A fine and worthy addition to any home.

9. I, too, need to know everything possible about this kitty.

8. A Shark Tank winner for sure.

7. A guinea pig named Rick.

6. That is horrifying.

5. Gotta love a guy who can own his love of cats!

4. I think it really makes that blazer pop.

3. That’s one way to explain it to your kids.

1. I have no idea who came up with this idea, but I love them.

I’m hoping that one day I find a treasure half as amazing as these one day.

Have you found something great secondhand?

Please share it with us in the comments!