By now, you’ve either heard about or have watched Stranger Things. But if you’re like these Tumblr fanatics, you’ve watched the first three seasons of Stranger Things about 10 times.

Yes Stranger Thing stans… this post is for you. The ones who know every character, every line, every plot detail and can absolutely walk away with the trophy at trivia night.

So what can you do before Season 4 gets here? Dig into some amazing Tumblr posts, of course! That’s where ALL the stan content lives. Fandom at it’s finest.

Let’s go!

1. Season 1 to Season 4

They’ve grown so much!

2. Wait… it all makes sense now!

One of the best product placements ever?

Photo Credit: lizzysong/Tumblr

3. The best TV mom?

The only answer is: YES.

4. Accurate

If you know, you know.

5. How many kids will Steve have in Season 4?!

Answer: All of them.

6. BFFs!

Some things are just adorable and we don’t need to judge them.

7. Give us what we want!!!

We need the Byers and the Wheelers!

8. You know where this one is going.

All the way to…

9. The many moods of older brothers

A different kind of sibling rivalry.

10. Uh oh!

I see some jealousy creeping in…

11. Hopper has no chill

Or patience.

12. You think they’re correlated?

The signs point to YES.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

13. I see what you did there…

Strange… stranger…. you’ll get it.

14. Robin Buckley is the GOAT

I stan her so much.

15. THE best paper doll ever.

Watch and see ALL the outfits!

16. Now it’s my favorite!

But Max, don’t worry… somebody will love you.

17. El doing El things

She is surrounded by guys all the time, so…

Photo Credit: Tumblr

18. Just Harrington things.

Collecting all the children into his brood.

19. Accurate.

That one about Joyce! 🙂

20. I don’t think they have Els at the grocery store…

But I’ll check!

21. Give it up for Alexei, please!

An underappreciated character, gone too soon.

22. He rocked that cap.

I wish I had one, tbh.

23. Will just wants to play D&D y’all!

Just play with the kid!

24. Mike Wheeler is better than us all.

We should all have a friend as good as this.

25. BFFs

This gives me all the feels and squeals, for reals.

26. Makes sense to me!

A cheesy joke, but I’ll allow it.

Photo Credit: Hannah Squared/Tumblr

On a scale from 1 to 11, how much are you anticipating the 4th season?

No need to answer. I already know what you’re thinking.

Because real fans don’t lie.