Humanity isn’t on a real hot streak right, is it?

There’s a lot of bad news in the world these days but right now we’re gonna change all that in a hurry!

Because it’s time to enjoy some funny and wholesome posts from Tumblr that will put a big smile on your face AND will restore your faith in humanity.

Yes, these posts are that good.

Take a look!

1. Look deep into those eyes.

Are you gonna cry?

2. All of them look pretty good.

She can’t miss!

3. This is great.

They need a break too, you know…

4. Did you know this?

You learn something new every day!

5. Remind you of anyone?

I bet it does…

6. They never stop complaining, do they?

Good grief…

7. Don’t ask me for money.

Do you need one of these?


8. You animal you!

So much for being “elegant”…

9. Next to impossible to figure this out.

Pretty frustrating, don’t you think?

10. This has been going on for centuries.

Don’t let the cat out!

11. That’s how it’s done, fellas!

Be sure to take notes.

12. Where were you?!?!

Uh oh…you’re in trouble now.

13. Please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up…

This is always pretty tricky.

14. The best feeling in the world.

Four more hours of sleep!

15. This is so awesome.

Try not to laugh.

16. Funny how that works.

I trust you!

17. You’re in trouble now.

Never wake up a cat!

18. We all have two of them, right?

Time to get excited!

19. Who am I?!?!

Now, that is scary.

20. Those were the days…

Did you learn your lesson?

21. Good luck with that!

This could get ugly…

22. Sorry about that…

My bad!

23. You do this all the time, don’t you?

We all do!

Now it’s your turn!

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Thanks a lot!