It can seem these days that entitlement is everywhere. It’s possible that it’s always been that way and the internet just allows us to share the stories like wildfire, but I’m not sure. Nothing seems to be as easy or simple as it used to be, and interacting with strangers is at the top of that list.

These 22 people are way, way too sure of themselves and way to intent on putting themselves and their interests above everyone else’s in the world – and honestly, the people who had to deal with them were way kinder than I would have been.

In most cases.

22. Wow, you gave him a whole 18 hours.

That’s not how the law works, friend.

Advanced Choosing Beggar
byu/WanderingOwl inChoosingBeggars

21. Call me crazy, but I don’t think you’re supposed to insult a person before you try to haggle.

That’s definitely not going to play in your favor.

This crazy lady is trying to rip me off
byu/MinDinochan inChoosingBeggars

20. Offering to pay “in exposure” makes me want to slap whoever is next to me at the moment.

You cannot eat that for dinner or put it in your gas tank, friend.

Paid in whatever ExposureBucks^TM are left over!
byu/SuperDeuxd inChoosingBeggars

19. This is definitely the kind of family you DON’T want to have.

I cannot imagine speaking to a stranger like this, nevermind family.

Aunt doesn’t like that I asked her to pay shipping
byu/emperor_augustus_ inChoosingBeggars

18. He might have ruined her birthday, but I’m guessing having cr*ppy parents is going to ruin more than that.

Also, I really don’t care if I make kids cry. I have two and I do it all the time.

I apparently singlehandedly ruined a 13 year olds birthday party
byu/nitiddesigns inChoosingBeggars

17. “I made more money when I was in jail.”

This is literally like less than $2 an hour.

OP said $20 at first til he got roasted, then edited it to $40 (Now with everyone censored)
byu/jfivealive inChoosingBeggars

16. Ever heard the saying “beggars can’t be choosers?”

Are wire hangers worse than no hangers? Apparently.

No more wire hangers?
byu/Cody_Cold_Day inChoosingBeggars

15. It seems like a good opportunity to teach your kid that life isn’t fair.

We all have to learn that lesson sooner or later.

Make it fair! Her kid is crying!
byu/doc_king126 inChoosingBeggars

14. Wow she really cares about her kid.

Make sure you read the whole thing and don’t waste her time.

We’ll talk about the pay when you message me…
byu/enjoy_my_jacket inChoosingBeggars

13. It takes a lot of ball$ to just ask for something for free.

For something very specific to boot. Yeesh.

CB wants free headboard, but only if it’s crushed velvet with diamonds
byu/tamaralads inChoosingBeggars

12. Will share for cash.

What planet is this person living on?

Image Credit: Reddit

11. A new car will save a dying person pass it on.

She said she was sorry. What more do you want from a stranger?

Image Credit: Reddit

10. I mean, we all want to live in a world where donuts are free.

That’s not sadly how any of this works.

Image Credit: Reddit

9. She had time to write this ridiculously long text, though?

My jaw is honestly just on the floor.

Image Credit: Reddit

8. What is even happening here?

It’s not what the potential buyer wants, I can tell you that.

Image Credit: Reddit

7. “No questions asked” what kind of shady cr*p is that?

Or you could get a job. Ha!

Image Credit: Reddit

6. I think this person is confused about the difference between a loan and a gift.

Or maybe they just think the rest of us are confused.

Image Credit: Reddit

5. That smiley-face emoji is everything.

None of this is anyone else’s problem.

Image Credit: Reddit

4. Maybe control your kids? Just a thought.

It’s not for everyone but maybe give it a shot.

Image Credit: Reddit

3. Shoot for the moon I guess.

If you miss you just might not get anything at all.

Image Credit: Reddit

2. Bahahaha anything else?

They will be giving you literally nothing.

Image Credit: Reddit

1. I hope they have some really good friends.

They’re going to have to pay for their own ticket home.

Image Credit: Reddit

I don’t think there’s anything you can do in this world except try to love people for just being human.

And when that fails, you can always laugh at them while you go on your merry way.

Who is the most entitled person you’ve run into in this world? Tell us how you realized who you were dealing with in the comments!