In a world where many social media sites create a “one size fits all” reality, Tumblr still brings the charm of a highly customizable, personal experience. Seriously, taking a peek at the seemingly infinite number of Tumblr blogs feels like you’re getting a glimpse into somebody’s inner life.

Yes, the vibes are strong and the amount of genuine, authentic moments that get captured in this rare gem of a site definitely deserve to be highlight for what they are: genius!

So let’s go tumbling!

1. Okay, I would have paid to see that.

Probably double.

2. I can completely get behind this goblin trick.

Rocks feel nice. Rocks feel good.

3. When it rains…

It needs to pour more.

Photo Credit: dailyfrogs/Tumblr

4. Apparently he can carry a tune

Love it when people have good senses of humor.

5. Aliens won’t conquer us.

We’re too weird to be saved.

6. A very delicious representation.

Hope it doesn’t melt.

7. Expressing the emotions

I’m on team :/

8. Mostly for Nintendo Wii fans.

Sound it out…

9. That’s some good stock humor.

They’re laughing now… but just wait until she gets her revenge in the next series of generic photos!

10. That’s one way to “watch” movies

A very weird way. But it is a way.

11. Those eyes will haunt me.

Some things are better left unpixel’d

12. Yeah, that’s a big 10-4 good buddy.

So 3 hours isn’t enough?

13. This post is an entire meal.

Savor the subtext.

14. From start to finish, this one is an absolute winner

Tilt at the windmills in your soul!

15. Weren’t they called dinosaurs back in the day?

Because dinosaurs definitely ate our ancestors. Without question.

16. Traffic can get pretty lit

Thank you. I’m here all week.

17. Speaking of traffic…

Now I’ll just be dreaming of Transformers

18. I totally get water hungry.

Pretty much every day, in fact.

19. I don’t think that’s what they were talking about.

Elastigirl to the rescue!

20. Where else would they be?

There’s literally no other place.

21. No, that other feeling

The one where you get mad.

22. Didn’t raise this one right.

Time to get another!

23. Listen to this.

Just trust me and do it already!

24. Okay, I’m definitely hungry now.

Is it looping, or is this guy just really hungry?

25. Coming full circle.

Tumblr users, unite!

26. It’s official!

We can all go home now.

Photo Credit: bestofreblogs/Tumblr

27. It. Just. Keeps. Going.

But I have to admit, I love that rat’s singing voice.

28. Squeeeeeee!!!!

I’m in love.

29. Epic photoshop battle is epic.

I like pineapple on pizza. No shame.

30. Can hats be that bad?

Oh yes my friend. Yes they can.

31. OMG… the dentists!

They must be stopped!

And that’s how we get to a better state of mind. One Tumblr post at a time.

Huh… that kinda rhymed. “Mind” and “time” kinda rhyme.

Time and rhyme also kinda… wow.

BRB… gotta go make a Tumblr post…