Look, I’m sure it’s very hard designing buildings and such. It’s not something I’ve ever tried to do because I do not know anything about it and I 100% would get someone killed.

But if you’re hiring someone to do it, maybe don’t go with the cheapest guy you can find on Craigslist, because that person probably didn’t go to “how to build stuff” school either, and he’s gonna make some choices that will destroy your mind and also your back.

Choices like these staircases.

30. Blending in

Now that’s what I call trippy.

Not a good carpet choice for stairs if you ask me from CrappyDesign

29. Stealth: 100

What kind of horrendous troll would do something like this?

Camouflage 101 from pics

28. Stair into the void

For the lemmings in your life.

Stairs that lead to nowhere from CrappyDesign

27. Wood that I could

I’m sitting down and somehow I slipped while looking at this photo.

Stairs of Death from CrappyDesign

26. Handicapable

Ya’ll aren’t super clear on how wheels work, huh?

Extreme Wheelchairing from CrappyDesign

25. Hitting a wall

“City code says we gotta have stairs, doesn’t say they gotta go anywhere.”

In case of fire use stairs, they said. Do not use elevators, they said. from CrappyDesign

24. Over the line

Visual clues, people. VISUAL CLUES!

Almost broke my leg from CrappyDesign

23. Step by step

It’s like a staircase made from the trays on a booster seat.

You don’t have to be drunk to fall down these stairs. from CrappyDesign

22. Falling for it

Cool design, terrible placement.

These aren’t stairs. They are decorative waterfalls. My friend walked into them and slipped, i laughed my ass off. from CrappyDesign

21. Watch your step

How many lives have been lost to this?

This flight of stairs outside a door is death waiting to happen. from CrappyDesign

20. Form over function

“I’ll just put a bunch of crap on my tiny, railless staircase.” – someone with a death wish

For when you want a near death experience every time you use the stairs from CrappyDesign

19. Zigzag

Again, looks cool, terrible in practicality.

How to break your bones from CrappyDesign

18. Sep up

Who is this for?

Man this hill is just too steep. Hold on a sec while I take the stairs from CrappyDesign

17. You’re cut off

What’s a blueprint?

These double stairs from CrappyDesign

16. Floating away

“It’s all good, I’ll just never go downstairs.”

THESE stairs from CrappyDesign

15. Watch your head

You musn’t be this tall to go upstairs.

These stairs must be for pets and children only from CrappyDesign

14. Little dots


These stairs in Monaco from CrappyDesign

13. Roundabout

When the stairs are due today but you forgot to study.

These stairs from CrappyDesign

12. Higher education

Not the most efficient use of space.

These stairs in a college I visited had people confused… from CrappyDesign

11. Oh joy

Why am I so irrationally angry about this?

These stairs in my sisters house are a joy to use from CrappyDesign

10. Losing it

Excuse me, you’re in my way.

Someone directed us to these stairs when we were lost. from CrappyDesign

9. Up and away

Yeah dude, you got ghosts in there for sure.

These stairs in a residence hall when I was in college. Always creeped me out. Poor quality due to camera phone circa 2009. from CrappyDesign

8. By the foot

What kind if giants do you live with?

These stairs are 1ft/30cm high from CrappyDesign

7. Stone cold

What sort of troll made this?

The one stair slightly shifted to the side. from CrappyDesign

6. The corner

Is this for time-outs or something?

The stairs to nowhere from CrappyDesign

5. Shut up

This is me trying to open up to anyone emotionally.

You win this time, stairs… from CrappyDesign

4. Face it

Who wanted this? Who asked for this?

These stairs… from CrappyDesign

3. Yipes, stripes!

What a trip.

Terrible floor to see the depth of the stairs. from CrappyDesign

2. Shower power

Ah, the thing for nobody.

Carpeted stairs to shower from CrappyDesign

1. A new angle


Nearly died carrying a box down these basement stairs from CrappyDesign

Remember – measure twice, cut once.

What design fails have you noticed lately?

Tell us in the comments.