I literally just had this conversation with a friend of mine. We talked about how out of control parents are getting these days with the names of their kids. It seems like all you have to do is slap a “lyn” or a “lin” on the end of anything, really, and you’re good to go.

Nowhere is the “ridiculous kids names” phenomenon more prevalent than in this classroom photo shared on Twitter that went viral in a hurry.

Image Credit: Distractify

Just so we can detail all of those names…

  • Waylon
  • Fisher
  • Madyson
  • Kaylea
  • Elexia
  • Trapper
  • Brody
  • Jaden
  • Dylann
  • Wyatt
  • Reagyn
  • Josie
  • Bryar
  • David
  • Zerachiel
  • Eilee
  • Layla
  • Jagger
  • Hunter
  • Brantley
  • Kase
  • Eva

But they are real…all too real.

And yes, the people on Twitter… being the not-at-all catty people that they are… got pretty fired up about “Elexia,” “Zerachiel,” “Eilee,” “Reagyn,” and “Jagger”, among others.

One tweeter even noticed that “Trapper,” “Hunter,” and “Fisher” are all members of the same classroom.

This story reminded one Twitter user of the “Viral Chalkboard Mom” who blew up when her baby name options seemed a little bit out of control.


It’s gonna get worse before it gets better people…

Like I said, people are free to name their children anything they want to, and I mean anything.

That doesn’t mean they have good taste or good sense. Usually, they have neither.

But, you never know if the world is gonna take notice and poke a little fun at you, so choose wisely!

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