Nextdoor is an app that basically lets people communicate specifically with their neighbors. It’s a small-range social media platform, essentially.

And as with any social media platform, it’s full of delightful nonsense.

One Twitter account makes it their mission to gather this nonsense, and for that, they are heroes.

30. The Gang

My guy I think this might have been spray painted by a nine year old.

29. Fire Ants

I guess that’s why they call him Crazy Pete.

28. True Crime

Ok Janet but why are we talking about this right now…

27. Welcome to the Neighborhood

I think the cat was mostly in it for the meat, probably.

26. Buckets of Fun

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

25. Noisy Neighbors

Oh, well, that’s terrifying.

24. Laser Pointer Fun

SWAT Hilarity is my favorite blooper show from the 90’s.

23. Moving Out

Hey man, we’ve all definitely been there.

22. Call Pest Control

I think this was one of the plagues of Egypt if I’m not mistaken.

21. Basement Treasures

Um, what did you do with it?

20. Road Rage

An older white person with a blue-stripe profile pic getting all fragile about nothing?

19. Heckin Chonker

I haven’t even met this cat and I agree.

18. Bobcat Drinking from Pool

Gather round children, and hear he chilling tale of the Choopah Cobbler.

17. Helicopters

They’ve been around for like a century now, get with the times!

16. A Change From the Bedroom

There aren’t enough letters in the word “nope” to accurate describe all the “nope.”

15. Urgent Alert

Hey Patrick, why don’t you leave Gerb alone, he’s working on something.

14. Motel 6

I’d say somewhere between sorta and very.

13. Possible Cult Activity

“Went to the library to use the printer but this guy kept staring at me for an hour so to mess with him I just kept pulling up Gary Busey.”

12. Neighborly Consideration

I don’t know how to tell you this, but weekend afternoons are kinda the perfect time for mowing.

11. Found Orange Male Cat

“And believe me, I’ve seen a lot.”

10. Weed

Or maybe, you know, just “lawn maintenance.”

9. New Trash Policy

This is the greatest shade I’ve ever seen.

8. Big A** Bird

Can anyone identify?

7. Missing Newfoundland

You gotta read the room, Marlene.

6. More Vandalism

I don’t care what you say, this definitely isn’t gouda.

5. Suspicious Behavior

Quarantine has not been kind to many of us.

4. Contractor

Joshua swooping in with the completely unnecessary burn.

3. Truck Sandwich

Why are you questioning this? YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED.

2. Question

Get a bucket and a mop.

1. Y’all Gonna Have to Sit Down

Big if true.

Good fences make good neighbors. Good apps make…I don’t know, chaos.

What’s the craziest thing that’s been happening in your neighborhood?

Tell us in the comments.